Friday, November 21, 2008

Old-School Christmas Music

..."with a voice as big as the sea..." I love that part!

Lame video, great song.

ohhhhh!! I love this one.

Gotta love Brenda Lee.

Blue, blue, blue Christmas in black leather. Who else could get away with that?

Yes, that's Jonny Mathis. I love him and I'm dang proud of it.
Here's another.

That was for my roommate Karen Farenheit.

Oh GOSH, I'm soooo LOVING THIS!!!!


And let's end this properly, shall we?

Nat King "many-have-tried-but-I-still-own-this-song" Cole.


Drewe Llyn said...

I've been listening to your Christmas selection. Boy, does that take me back!! (I realize that statement means I'm old...(ahem) My parents used to have a collection of Christmas records. Several of your songs were on them. I feel warm and fuzzy now. :-)

Rhonda Jeanne said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!
All that's missing is the occasional skip the albums would make. Mom's Brenda Lee album skipped on Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, but I don't remember exactly where!

Anonymous said...