Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Clothes

Today's christmas activity was shopping online for Baby Alive clothes and accessories. I received a Baby Alive doll in a big bag of hand-me-downs for Lizzie. I was pretty pumped because Baby Alive cost about $30.OO and this one was big fat FREE! And in Like New condition. And naked. So, today we purchased some must haves for dear little BA, and Abby's Christmas shopping is done! NEXT!


Drewe Llyn said...

Yeah! Go God! Can't wait to see picts of your little one with her little one. :-)

moma 2 Gods princess said...

DONT feed her!! LOL,or at lest we have never fed ours,I hear shes a butt to clean.Yes we had to have baby Alive the year she came out.I told Brooke NOT to ever put anything in her,and do you know she never has.We have had only problem with ours,She has a scratch on her face,And is she now sits on my dresser.