Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O Holy Night

"O Holy Night" is by far my very most favorite Christmas song ever. I grew up hearing it by Johnny Mathis and I loved it. There are new versions of it every year, and I like to listen to them all and critique them, as if I could do any better. Today, I listened to a variety of O Holy Night performances and came up with my newest favorite. But before I share it, let me list a few of the artists I listened to.

John Berry....Celine Dion....Avril Lavigne...Aretha Franklin and Billy Preston...Carrie Underwood....Pavarotti....Aled Jones....CiCi Wynans...Mariah Carey...Kelly Clarkson....Whitney Houston....Josh Groban....Nsync...Sarah Brightman...The Corrs...Martin McBride...and(God forgive me)Jessica Simpson.

I liked the Corrs, but felt like the lead singer was trying to be sexy. Yes, while singing O Holy Night. I liked John Berry and Johs Groban because they sang more than the first verse. I liked and Nsync. As for Jessica Simpson, I just need to ask: "Really? Really Jessica? Cleavage and seduction while singing about 'Our dear Saviour's birth' ?" uh-uh uh.

Anyway, my favs were Martina McBride and Kelly Clarkson. I couldn't embed Martina's performance, however. You'll need to check it out on You Tube. But here is Kelly Clarkson...Enjoy!

P.S. Ok I just heard the live Kelly Clarkson version and Martina wins hands down.

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